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State Championships

Safe Sport


    Rhode Island Competition Schedule

    Start Date End Date Host Site Notes Type
    10/15 10/16 Dream Big Dream Big Gymnastics Halloween Meet In Gym Invite
    11/12 11/13 Dream Big Dream Big Gymnastics Turkey Tumble In Gym Invite
    11/19 11/20 Ocean State Ocean State Lion Challenge In Gym Invite
    12/2 12/4 Aim High RI Convention Center RI Invitational Invitational
    12/10 12/11 Dream Big Dream Big Gymnastics Frozen Flip Fest In Gym Invite
    1/13 1/16 Dream Big Johnston Rec Center Beauty and the Beast Invitational
    2/11 2/12 Dream Big Dream Big Gymnastics Mardi Gras In Gym Invite
    2/24 2/26 LR Productions RI Convention Center Forever Our Legacy Invitational
    3/2 3/5 Ocean State Longplex Ocean State Classic Invitational

    Contact Information for RI Competitions

    Aim High Academy - RI Invitational 

    Dream Big Gymnastics - All Competitions

    Ocean State School of Gymnastics - Lion Challenge    Ocean State Classic

    Kelli Doorley

    Kelli Doorley

    State Chair